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This web site is devoted to the genealogy and history of the Tooke and related families.  

Most often genealogy gets broken down into very basic information such as the dates of birth, marriage, and death, with little consideration of how a person migrated form one place to another, or the circumstances that necessitated the move.  History should be examined along with the time in which an individual lived in an attempt to piece together a complete picture of the individual's life and the world in which they lived.

The vision of this site is to draw all the related lines into a single site for the dissemination of research and to be used as a repository of pictures, stories, documentation, and personal descriptions of family members so that the person behind the listing of dates can become known.

Special emphasis should be placed on the proper documentation of all related information presented and special care should be taken not to infringe on copyrights or trademarks.  If an item shown on this web site infringes on a copyright and/or trademark please email info@tookefamily.org to request removal or proper documentation of ownership.

If you see any data that looks to be incorrect please send email to info@tookefamily.org and please give as much information and documentation as possible.  Credit will be given to the donator of any and all research.